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UJIA cat nests are offered in a variety of styles and designs that appeal to wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. Designed with the cat experience in mind, our cat nests are manufactured using machinery and craftsmanship for the home, pet store, and outdoors. Cat nests are made from pine/hemp rope and PVC pipes to ensure durability and luxury.

Cat nests are rigorously tested for strength, durability, and safety. UJIA is also open to third-party auditors to provide unbiased test results for our chairs as well as test reports.

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Why choose UJIA cat Nest ?

Manufacturing Benefits

We can complete your cat nest orders without compromising quality by utilizing advanced machinery operated by experienced workers.

Strict QC system

With our catalog, you can purchase with confidence since we thoroughly inspect raw materials, woodwork, and other aspects of our cat nests.

Complete Services

  Ujia offers free samples, custom packaging, and other convenient services for your business to grow.  

Timely Delivery

As a team of professionals with considerable experience in furniture design and fast manufacturing, we can complete projects quickly.

Profitable Wholesale Prices

Because of our advantageous location, we have access to high-quality materials at lower prices, which allows us to make high-quality tables at a low price.

Detailed Project Management

Providing one-stop services, including design, mass production, packaging, and delivery, allows us to handle your cat nest projects.

Consult Your UJIA cat nests Experts

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your cat nests need, on-time and on budget.
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