Choose The Best Satisfying Cat Toy For Your Cat

Choose The Best Satisfying Cat Toy For Your Cat

     A cat toy is an essential part of a cat’s life, as any cat owner knows. In addition to driving the cat to hunt, it also consumes too much energy. The most important thing is that the toy can promote the friendship between the cat and the owner.  

   Some cat owners research the market for the best cat toys so they can share this information with their feline friends.

  When choosing toys for your cat, be cautious, especially if the cat is playing alone at home. The wrong toys can be fatal.  

1. Say no to string toys

  In fact, cat owners often swallow broken thread in the process of playing with their cats, causing gastrointestinal injury. In some cases, the thread can wrap around the cat’s neck and cause suffocation.  

2. Say no to toys with falling parts

 As cats chew toys as prey, many toys if some small parts are not strong, such as the eyes of many small mice, can easily fall and be eaten by the cat. I know a friend of a master who has experienced this thing, because he accidentally ate parts and had to go to a hospital for surgery, costing several thousand yuan, really distressed and in pain.

3. Say no to toys that trap the cat’s claws

Many track toys have gaps that are exactly the width of a cat’s paw, which can cause the paw to get stuck and be difficult to remove.

4. Say no to flimsy toys

In less than a week, a catnip toy made of thin cloth or felt will turn into a rag and can end up inside your cat. Pick toys that can withstand shaking, throwing, biting, scratching, patting, kicking, licking, and multiple lunges without breaking.

The Cat’s Toy Type

As a matter of fact, every cat owner should have 2-3 different types of toys for their pets that are typical of the market: the tickle cat stick, the track ball, the automatic mice, all kinds of nettle balls, plush toys, cat scratching boards, infrared, electric and scientific toys.

1. Funny Cat Stick

It is our most common type, and it is also the type with the best interaction with the master! There are actually different types of funny cat, and each one has its own gameplay. The right way to play will make the cat more interested.

Feather funny cat stick

It can be used to imitate the trajectory of a bird’s flight, wavelike (up and down) flying, so that the owner of the cat has the desire to catch it, suitable for training cat hunting behavior, suitable for cats who enjoy jumping, will jump very high on the spot.

Bells funny cat stick

Using this funny cat stick, you can imitate insects, the speed can be slightly faster, and the cat owner will do his best to bite, the cat which likes to fight small flying insects will love it.

Elastic rope funny cat stick

Drag the small objects along the elastic rope on the ground to mimic the scene of small animals running around on the ground. Ideal for cats who like to run. They will chase small objects around.

It is possible to choose the method according to the cat’s favorite way of exercising. As an example, if your cat is fond of jumping but not running, then a feather cat stick would be a better choice.

2. Ball toys

It is a must-have choice for many cat families, because it includes various kinds of small balls that have LED lights, catnip, and bells, as well as the common three ball orbital toy. In general, no cat will refuse it.

Cats particularly enjoy playing with this toy, one pushing the ball around and the other following it in circles. Cats can play with this type of toy alone at home, and the interaction with the shoveling officer is very low. If you are shopping at the same time, you need to choose the track type carefully. If possible, choose the fully open track.

3. Sound automatic toy

Toys such as mice and rabbits that have sound and can move mechanically are designed to capture the cat’s hunting mind. Cats can chase them. Toys such as these are loved to varying degrees by cats of different personalities. Some cats chase this little mouse every day, while others sit on the sidelines, staring blankly into the distance.

4. Mutianling Toys

This is one of the favorite treats of many cats around the world. In addition to grinding their teeth, it can also satisfy the cat’s love for playing with balls by playing ball games with it. It is a smart decision to choose this nettle tumbler as a toy.

5. Simulation fish toy

There are many plush toys on the market that contain catnip. It is thought that catnip attracts cats to play with them. Cats like playing with these kinds of toys in order to learn biting and hunting.

6. Cat scratcher

Cat owners should definitely have this toy in their possession. This system is able to temper sharp claws of cats and to decompress them so they are able to behave in a calm manner. In my opinion, the most important aspect of the cat scratcher is that it can save all kinds of furniture, curtains, etc. of the shit shoveler.

There are different kinds of cat scratch boards, such as cat scratch board nest, vertical cat scratch board, sisal column cat scratch board, so we can select according to the corresponding roles, such as the favorite of climbing on the cat scratch board, we will give the cat to buy nest type cat scratch board, just like sofa corner stretch sofa, so it should buy vertical cat scratch board.

7. Laser pointer toys

All cats that are able to catch the little red dot are considered to be favored by God. It’s funny how many masters feel that way in their hearts, so they can’t stop chasing the hearts of the little red dots in their minds.

8. Spring mouse

It is crucial to pay attention to the strength of the spring in this type of toy, and avoid using excessive strength so as not to scare the cat owner. There is no doubt that this kind of toy will be more popular among cats and will be a good exercise for them to bite it.

9. Electric technology toys

In order to avoid leakage toys, this kind of toy needs to be carefully selected and made of high-quality materials. On the market are electric tumblers, automatic cat-catching balls, and automatic timer infrared cat-catching devices. When choosing toys, pay attention to their sound and range, otherwise many of them will make the owner feel scared.

The above are the typical types of toys for cats that can be described as colorful, so let’s look at which kinds of toys are suitable for cats of different ages~

Young Cat Suitable Toys

In their young age, young cats are small in size, curious about the outside world, and eager to explore. It is important to let them develop good character and behavior habits at this stage. In other words, what you do at this stage determines what kind of life you and your cat will lead in the future.

At this point in time, the main purpose of choosing toys is to assist the cat owner in carrying out some daily training, to develop the cat’s clingy nature, and solving the bite problem.

1. Young cats enjoy chasing toys, so ball toys are a great choice. Track ball toys, electric ball toys, ball toys with bells and other toys should be recommended.

2. Playthings such as teething toys and small toys made of polygonum mutigonum are recommended as teething toys. Your cat will go through a teething period in March or April.

3. Teasing stick for long distances. Just arriving home, young cats are afraid of the new environment. Playing with a long distance teasing stick can reduce the cat’s tension and prevent the cat from biting.

4. A scratch board for cats. I think this is an essential toy for cats. In order to protect their home from cat claws, owners need claw grinding products, otherwise their sofas, beds, and other furniture will be subjected to cat claw damage.

Adult cat toys

With age, cats’ interest in toys may decrease, primarily because they need to increase the amount of exercise, which helps ensure their water intake and health. Cat owners can also suffer from stress and depression, and cat toys can help alleviate these conditions.

1. Laser pointer toys are a favorite of cats. As long as they see this little red dot, no matter what they are doing, they will run quickly.

2. The funny cat stick can be selected according to the preferences of different cats. One of my cats prefers to play with a low ticker stick, running around on the ground, whereas my other cat prefers to jump high.

3. A cat scratching board is a must-have for your home. It is imperative that you have more scratching boards if you have a lot of cats at home. This will prevent the cats from grinding their claws on your sofa and destroying your furniture.

4. Toys geared towards adult cat families, such as electric toys. Due to the fact that adult cats are home alone, they need these smart electric cat toys. As a result of their work schedules, many shitshoveling officers spend too little time with their cats, leading to cat depression. Because the shoveling officer does not interact with the cat, the cat cannot fulfill its hunting life. This problem can be solved by electric toys that bring more fun to cat owners.

5. Toys for fish. Some cat owners like stuffed toys with catnip, which can be used as pillows or as prey for training.

6. With these automatic voice small toys, you can achieve by sound cause Kitty fun, especially the part about other toys lose fun cat owners, so by using this kind of toy you can arouse their curiosity, but also have to pay attention to the size and range of movements, too much may be frightening to small cats.

According to experts, shovelers should choose the right number of toys based on how many cats they have. Meanwhile, please accompany our cat owners more. For their lifetime, playing with us together is a happy time.

If you are a cat toy importer and want to wholesale some cat toys, please contact us. Ujia will provide you with the best service and the most perfect product quality.



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