how to make cat toys

how to make cat toys

Looking for something fun and creative to do with your cat? Look no further than making your own toys! With just a few simple supplies, you can make a variety of toys that will keep your cat entertained for hours.


Cats are predators by nature, and their hunting instincts are still very strong even though they may live in our homes. To keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated, it is important to provide them with toys that encourage their predatory behavior. While there are many commercially available cat toys, you can also easily make your own at home. Here are some ideas for homemade cat toys that will keep your feline friend entertained for hours.

Why cats need toys

Cats are natural hunter, and their instinct is to pounce on anything that moves. This can be frustrating for owners when their cat starts attacking their feet or hands. To keep your cat stimulated and prevent them from becoming bored, it is important to provide them with toys that they can safely hunt and attack.

Not only will this provide your cat with mental stimulation, it will also give them an outlet for their energy. Toys that encourage your cat to stalk, pounce and leap are ideal, as they mimic the motions of hunting prey. Chew toys are also important for cats, as they help keep their teeth healthy and clean.

When selecting toys for your cat, it is important to choose ones that are safe and durable. Avoid any toys with small parts that could be swallowed or chewed off, as these could pose a choking hazard. It is also important to avoid any toys with sharp edges that could injure your cat.

How to make simple cat toys

You can make simple yet effective cat toys from things you have around the house. Here are a few ideas:

String and cardboard: Cut narrow strips of cardboard and tie them together with string. Your cat will love to swat and chase the moving toy.

Paper bag: Put a small amount of dry food or catnip in a paper bag, and crumple it up so your cat can smell the contents. She’ll have fun trying to get to the treat inside.

Wand: Attach a favorite toy to the end of a stick or dowel (you can even use a rolled-up piece of paper). Move the wand around, letting your cat chase and jump at the toy.

How to make more complex cat toys

You can use different materials to make more complex cat toys. Some things you may want to use include:
-Wiffle balls

  • felt
  • straws
  • popsicle sticks
  • fabric
  • yarn

You can also add bells, feathers, or other small objects to the toy to make it more interesting for your cat.

Tips for choosing the right toys for your cat

Cats need stimulation and toys are a great way to provide it. The type of toy you choose will depend on your cat’s personality and hunting style. Some cats like to stalk and pounce, while others prefer to swat and bat. Learn about the different types of toys and how to choose the right ones for your cat.

Toys for stalking and pouncing
If your cat likes to stalk and pounce, choose toys that encourage these natural hunting behaviors. Try a toy that dangles or moves erratically, such as a feather wand or a ball on a string. These kinds of toys give your cat the opportunity to practice her stalking and pouncing skills.

Toys for swatting and batting
If your cat likes to swat and bat at things, choose toys that are easy to swat or bat at, such as crinkle balls or ping-pong balls. You can also make your own toys by crumpling up some paper or tying a ribbon around a small object.

How to store and care for cat toys

When it comes to cat toys, there are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to ensure that they stay in good condition and are safe for your cat to play with. Here are a few tips on how to store and care for cat toys:

  • Toys should be stored in a dry, cool place out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep them stored in a way that will prevent them from becoming dusty or tangled.
  • Inspect them regularly for signs of wear and tear, and repair or replace them as necessary.
  • When cleaning them, use only mild soap and water and make sure they are completely dry before giving them back to your cat.
    FAQs about cat toys

-Do cats need toys?
Most cats enjoy playing, and a few toys can go a long way in keeping them happy and healthy. Some toys can also help alleviate boredom and destructive behavior.

-What kinds of toys do cats like?
The type of toy your cat prefers will depend on her personality and hunting instincts. Some cats like to stalk and pounce on their prey, while others prefer to bat at toy balls or feathers. You may need to experiment with different types of toys to find the ones your cat enjoys the most.

-How often should I replace my cat’s toys?
Toys should be replaced periodically to prevent them from becoming worn out or damaged. Many factors, such as the type of toy and how often it is used, will determine how often it needs to be replaced.


All in all, there are many different types of toys that you can make for your cat, and it really depends on what your cat likes to do. If your cat likes to play with strings, try making a string toy. If your cat likes to scratch things, try making a scratching toy. And if your cat just likes to sleep all day, try making a bed!



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